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One size doesn't always fit all. Customize a Prime Equity Funding Short Term Loan to fit your needs

Short term loans are a great option for borrowers who need funds for a specific business investment, like starting a new project, expanding — or making a large purchase that can’t be covered with a credit card. As a type of installment loan, an Prime Equity Funding short term loan offers a one-time lump sum of cash to use for your business how you see fit. You’ll have your funds in your bank account as early as the day your loan is approved, and you can pay it back on your schedule to match your specific project timeline.

About short term loans

A short term loan is a form of financing that is generally repaid in a year or less. However, some lenders like Prime Equity Funding offer repayment terms up to 24 months. Short term loans can be used to cover various business expenses, with loan amounts that vary across lenders.

The interest rate on a short term loan can vary significantly for borrowers, depending on factors such as credit scores, annual revenue and more. At Prime Equity Funding, interest rates for short term loans are competitive and our pricing is transparent — so you’ll always know your cost of capital up front.

Loan amounts of
Repayment terms
up to 24 months
Automatic daily
or weekly payments
Benefits to Your Business
  • Same Day Funding: Standard ACH bank transfers take up to 3 business days. But with Prime Equity Funding you could, in most cases, get funds in your bank account by 5:00 PM the same day.
  • Loyalty benefits: If you’re a current Prime Equity Funding customer, you’ll have any remaining interest waived if you take a new Prime Equity Funding small business loan. We can also offer a lower or even 0% origination fee on your next loan.
  • Business credit building: Help build your business’s credit by making on-time payments, which we report to bureaus.
  • Prepayment Benefits: If you qualify for our 100% Prepayment Benefit option, pay your loan off early in full and have all remaining interest waived without any penalty or fee.
  • Predictable, fixed payments: Pay the same amount from the beginning to the end of your repayment term, so you can manage your cash flow with no surprises or large costs up front.
  • Transparent pricing: We are insistant on giving our clients a comprehensive breakdown of our term loan’s cost—including all the key terms you need to evaluate potential offers.
A short term loan can solve
your specific business needs.

We understand that taking out a business loan can be a big financial commitment for borrowers. If you think you could benefit from business financing, ask yourself this key question before making a decision: “How exactly will I use this loan for my business?”

Based on your answer, you may decide a short-term loan is right for you. There are many ways a loan can help drive your business forward. Here are some popular reasons business owners opt to apply for a short term loan.

4 ways to use a short term loan
  • Reopening your business
  • Expanding to a new location
  • Investing in renovations
  • Financing marketing campaigns
Applying for a short term loan at Prime Equity Funding is quick and simple
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Our simple 3 step application is all you need to apply. You can apply online or over the phone.

A dedicated loan advisor will be assigned to your company & will contact you to review your options.

Complete the online agreement form and receive your funds as soon as the same day.*

What other business owners have done with their Prime Equity Funding Short Term Loans

Professional warehouse manager small business loan testimonial
Carlos Alvares
warehousing & logistics

I was about 8 years into a 10 year lease on a 50,000 sqft. warehouse when my business started really picking up. With Prime Equity Funding's help we were able to pay off our old lease and get into something bigger and better. The demand for warehousing space was strong and the additional space helped me capture new clients that took my business to the next level.

Construction professional business loan 5 star testimonial
Theodore Melvin

I had just been awarded a contract that turned out to be larger than expected. I was excited about the opportunity but couldn't afford to pay for materials with only a 10% deposit. I was days away from dropping out when I found Prime Equity Funding. They walked me through the entire funding process and I had the funds I needed in my account just a few hours after signing.

Bar owner testimonial on business loan satisfaction
Terry Freeman

I had an investor approach me after dining in my restaurant and asked to partner in opening 10 new locations. It was the opportunity of a lifetime! I had no way of getting that kind of funding without diluting my equity. Prime Equity Funding helped me get the funds I needed to grow my business and follow my dreams. We now have 40 locations and still growing!

Medical professional reviews short term business loan
Dr. Albert Couper
Plastic Surgeon

I have been in the medical field for years and clients would often tell me that my equipment felt outdated. Prime Equity Funding was able to get me the funds I needed to secure new State Of the Art equipment to help us better diagnose and treat our patients. They were professional courteous and made the entire process seamless.

Great term loan satisfied customer Trucking professional
Salvador Pantana

I would keep turning down jobs for my most popular route simply because I didn't have enough equipment to keep up with the demand. I knew if I had a few more chassis I could easily fill them. Prime Equity Funding was there for me every step of the way. We purchased new chassis and did 5x the revenue on that particular route.

Ecommerce business loan customer testimonial
Martin Bryant

I own a successful E-commerce business and sell on marketplaces like and I finally started picking up traction and was on pace to have an amazing holiday season which would have left me with little to no inventory for 1st quarter. I could not afford to buy and hold stock for holiday season and 1st quarter. Prime Equity Funding looked at my business and helped me stock up so I could keep my sales strong. Needless to say I had my best year ever.

FAQs: Prime Equity Funding Term Loans
  • What is Same Day Funding?

    Same Day Funding is as simple as it sounds. It allows you to receive funds in your account as early as the day you finalize your term loan with Prime Equity Funding. There’s no special enrollment and no additional cost.

  • What other small business loans can I get in addition to my term loan??

    We understand every business has different needs, so unlike many online lenders, we’ve got different loan types available for you. At Prime Equity Funding you can easily apply and if approved, you may be offered a small business line of credit in addition to your existing term loan or in many cases you can start them at the same time. In addition to Prime Equity Funding’s Term Loan and Line of Credit, check out this page for other types of small business loans.

  • How do loyalty benefits work?

    We believe in rewarding you for your loyalty and making it easy to access additional funding. Once your initial or current loan is 50% paid down you have the option to apply to renew your loan and you will not be charged any remaining interest on your existing loan. You may even qualify for a lower or 0% origination fee.

  • How does payback work?

    Paying back your term loan with Prime Equity Funding is easy and hassle-free with automatic bank account deductions so you don’t have to worry about missing a payment. The daily or weekly payment is based on the amount and term length of your financing and is intended to be a manageable number based on the information you provided to Prime Equity Funding in your application.

  • How much will it cost?

    The total cost of your short term loan will vary based on a number of factors, including your personal and business credit scores, time in business and annual revenue and cash flow‡.

  • Can I get a short term loan if I have bad credit?

    Prime Equity Funding doesn’t offer “bad credit loans.” However, a bad credit score doesn’t always mean you can’t qualify for business financing. Our short term loans can provide an alternative source of funding for borrowers who have had difficulty getting approved for credit cards and traditional installment loans

Minimum eligibility requirements for an Prime Equity Funding Term Loan or Line of Credit
Let's see
if were a
Minimum Requirements
Time In Business 1 year
Personal FICO Score 600
Business Annual Gross Revenue $100K
Business Checking Account Yes
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